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Manuka Honey from the Waikura Valley

Our Manuka Honey comes from the Waikura-Valley on the East Cape of New Zealand and is extracted by honey bees from the nectar of the Manuka flowers.

As a manufacturer and part of the Waikura Limited corporate family, we bring our Manuka Honey directly to Switzerland.

What makes it special: We follow our Honey from the Manuka blossom to the finished Manuka Honey and know it down to the last detail. 

What is the secret of Manuka Honey?

At first glance, Manuka Honey is no different from conventional flower honey. The secret lies in the ingredients.

Manuka Honey contains Leptospermones and the highly antibacterial Methylglyoxal (MGO). Compared to conventional flower honey, the MGO- content is up to 100- times higher.

No other honey has been as thoroughly researched as Manuka Honey. The valuable ingredients make it a popular part of the family medicine cabinet. It is thought to have special effects in the treatment of infections and colds.

How is Manuka Honey used?

Strong and spicy, our honey can be enjoyed pure or as a sweetener.

We recommend using a teaspoon. Allow the Manuka Honey to melt slowly in your mouth.

When adding Manuka Honey to a hot drink, allow it to cool to lukewarm. Temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius can damage the enzymes in the honey.

Manuka shrubs bloom only a few weeks a year. Accordingly, the harvest of the precious honey is small. The low availability increasingly leads to counterfeiting.

Our honey is proven to be from bees that pollinated Manuka flowers from the Waikura Valley. The honey is certified with UMF ™ - values. The “Unique Manuka Factor” is based on the special chemical composition of Manuka Honey. In addition, we have the MGO- content determined by an accredited laboratory.

UMF ™ – MGO - conversion table
UMF 7+ MGO 146
UMF 8+ MGO 182
UMF 9+ MGO 222
UMF 10+ MGO 263
UMF 11+ MGO 308
UMF 12+ MGO 356
UMF 13+ MGO 406
UMF 14+ MGO 459
UMF 15+ MGO 514
UMF 16+ MGO 572
UMF 17+ MGO 633
UMF 18+ MGO 696
UMF 19+ MGO 761
UMF 20+ MGO 829
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